Best Books about Paris

Updated: October 27, 2016

Paris Life

  1. My Life in France

    by Julia Child
    Magical memoir of Julia Child’s years in France. My favorite book about life in France as a foreigner.

  2. Paris to the Moon

    by Adam Gopnik
    Gopnik spent 5 years in Paris as a writer for the New Yorker. An inside look at life in France with his wife and young child.

  3. A Moveable Feast

    by Ernest Hemingway
    Paris in the 1920s through Hemingway’s eyes. A classic.

  4. The Flaneur: A Stroll through the Paradoxes of Paris

    by Edmund White
    A walk through the streets of Paris in search of beauty, culture, and knowledge.

  5. Me Talk Pretty One Day

    by David Sedaris
    A humorous take on life in modern Paris.

  6. I’ll Always Have Paris

    by Art Buchwald
    Buchwald’s love letter to Paris based on his time there as a writer for the New York Herald Tribune.

  7. The Piano Shop on the Left Bank

    by Thad Carhart
    A wonderful little book about Paris, pianos, and a few very special people.

Paris History and Culture

  1. The Discovery of France

    by Robb Graham
    A fun and informative read on the origins of France. My favorite history of the country.

  2. Rimbaud: A Biography

    by Robb Graham
    The focus is the writer, not the city – but this book is so great it’s a must-read for Paris fans.

  3. Seven Ages of Paris

    by Alistair Horne
    The most readable, exciting, and informative history of Paris.

  4. The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris

    by David McCullough
    The story of the artists, writers, doctors, and adventurers that settled in Paris between 1830 and 1900. An exhilarating read.

  5. How Paris Became Paris: The Invention of the Modern City

    by Joan DeJean
    A history of Paris development from chaotic alleyways to grand boulevards.

Paris Food

  1. The Sweet Life in Paris

    by David Lebovitz
    The story of an American chef in Paris, the ins and outs of French food, and over 50 recipes.

  2. Paris for Foodies: Your Ultimate Guide to Eating in Paris

    by Frederic Bibard
    The single best guide to restaurants and eating in Paris.

  3. Between Meals: An Appetite for Paris

    by A. J. Liebling
    The writer for the New Yorker recounts his eating adventures in Paris.

Paris Fiction

  1. The Paris Wife

    by Paula McLain
    1920’s Paris through the eyes of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife, Hadley Richardson. Historical fiction of the highest order.

  2. Le Divorce

    by Diane Johnson
    A light-hearted but enjoyable novel about two sisters re-acquainting in Paris.

  3. The Elegance of the Hedgehog

    by Muriel Barbery
    The highly-acclaimed story of a Paris apartment building and its denizens.

Childrens Books about Paris

  1. Madeline

    by Ludwig Bemelmans
    Brilliant. My favorite kids book ever.

  2. 13 Paintings Children Should Know

    by Angela Wenzel
    A good introduction to art and artists.

  3. Katie Meets The Impressionists

    by James Mayhew
    A great series. Fun and informative.