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About Us

I’m David Robert Hogg – the publisher of Samkip Guides.

Samuel and Kipling are my two boys. Beth is my wife.

We’ve traveled all over Europe, Asia, and North America together and know a thing or two about what makes a great family hotel.

I started Samkip to help families find great hotels while traveling the world. Hotels that we’ve stayed in and loved and places readers and traveling families have recommended.

You can follow me on Twitter or read our travel blog at My Little Nomads.

Here we are having fun around the globe.

Songkran Festival in Bangkok

Songkran is a huge water-fight festival that takes place in Thailand. Sam got some tips on how to shoot.

Jumping off a bridge into the Caribbean Sea on Isla Mujeres.

A note to the kids.

A welcome note to Sam and Kip from the Four Seasons Hotel.

Backpacking in Mexico.

Sam and Kip with backpacks (and a camera) on our trip up the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

A Long Day of Travel in Thailand.

This was a long travel day from Bangkok to Koh Samui that involved taxi, plane, bus, ferry, and another long taxi ride. When we unloaded after the final cab trip we just piled the kids onto the bags.

Riding the train in Vietnam.

We made our way from north to south Vietnam by train, planes, and automobiles. Here are Sam, Kip, and mom getting off the train in Hue.

Riding the metro in Paris.

Sam and Kip on the metro in Paris.

Surfboards in Mexico.

Heading to the beach in Sayulita, Mexico.

Waiting for the plane in seoul.

Even though we only had 12 hours on this stopover in Seoul Sam still managed to cut his head open with a fall. After stitches and a big bandage we were waiting for our plane home.

Osaka train station

After a ride on the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka we made a quick dash for some noodles.

Taking a cooking course with kids in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This was super fun. Taking a cooking course in Chiang Mai.

Planning our day in a London pub.

Looking at maps and planning our day in a London pub.

Riding a boat through the Mekong Delta.

On a boat ride through the Mekong Delta.

On the streets of Dublin with a stroller.

On the streets of Dublin with a stroller.

Homework on a hammock.

Sam doing homework on a hammock in Tulum.

Flying to Northern Canada.

Sam waves to the pilot before a flight to northern Canada.

Sending a postcard from Chichen Itza to his Japanese class back home.

Sending a postcard from Chichen Itza to his Japanese class back home.

In a science museum in San Francisco.

Having fun at the fantastic Exploratorium science museum in San Francisco.

In Disneyworld in Orlando.

Checking out Mater at Disney World in Orlando.

A cenote in the Yucatan.

At a cenote in the Yucatan. We later swam to and explored that large root structure you can see in the background.

Walking the beach in Bali.

Strolling the beach in Bali.